Branded Fine Foods is managed by a dynamic and an efficient team that can handle anything from marketing and sales to finance and procurement, from clearing and forwarding to distribution.  The team is knowledgeable, ambitious and demonstrates a passion to serve its customers.

The management is fully conversant with all legislation relevant for importation of foodstuffs and keeps abreast of all changes in local legislation in particular duty and tax structures in order to plan ahead.


The company has forty five permanent staff and some casual staff, around fifty five in total.  Our staff are continuously trained on the job and are competent to handle company matters with utmost precision and care.  They have been exposed to various countries within the region and thus have a world of good experience in the business.

The middle management in the business runs the day to day activities of the two branches in the Finance, Warehousing Sales and Distribution functions.  The Management is well trained in their respective in areas in order to be in time with the profile and vision of the Company.

All of our employees share the same drive to excel. Providing top-quality service through well-trained staff is important to the company as it ensures our customers are served in the spirit of “Customer is King”


We believe our strength lies in the way we handle products.  We take pride and ownership of the brands we handle, and work hard to promote brand awareness. We are working towards doing this in a variety of ways:

01 Branding of vehicles which is very effective as the vehicles are on constant move.
02 Employing Brand Managers to be in charge of certain brands and concentrate on promoting those exclusively.
03 Van sales of the back of the van moving from shop to shop to get sales all over the country
04 Distribution of promotional material like tee-shirts and caps thus creating brand awareness.
05 Distribution of Branded Stands/Refrigerators e t.c to promote the business
06 Merchandising - Giving out free goods for tasting in areas where the traffic flow of people is higher.
Store Merchandising - Merchandiser cleans up goods in various retail outlets, monitors stores, takes back and replaces expired / slow moving stocks.
08 Billboard Advertising.

The Management has become increasingly aware of the fact that the East African market has evolved and unlike as in the past, goods no longer sell for themselves.  The brands have to be introduced and built to ensure their overall success.  The Management has thus embarked on a whole new concept of pushing sales and building brands.  We build brands by:
01 Having constant supply of goods and adequate stocks.
02 Quality Products
03 Correct Pricing
04 Aggressive Marketing
05 Good Countrywide Distribution Network
06 Door to door Sales Strategy
07 Van Sales
08 Shop Merchandising