The Company has a total warehouse facility of 34000sq ft broken down as 18000 sq ft in Mombasa,  a bonded warehouse facility of 6000sq ft. in Mombasa and a warehouse facility of 10000 sq ft in Nairobi.

The warehouses have a racking system to be able to house goods in a more organized fashion, manage the stocks well and practice effective stock rotation to control expiry dates.   They have a numbered shelving system to ensure adequate stock rotation and to ensure the goods are sold on a First In First Out basis to control expiry dates of products, of which we are exceedingly conscious of since we deal in perishable items.

Our goods are stored on pallets for ease of cleaning and to ensure adequate circulation of air.

The roofs of our warehouses are fitted with cessilation and extractor fans to provide coolness and ensure the temperatures are cool at all times to make it food grade within the warehouse. 

Our warehouses are well ventilated, and have adequate spacing and lighting to ensure that our customers receive the products in perfect condition.


The Company has 240 cubic meters of Cold Storage with the capacity to house 150 metric tons of products and 80 cubic meters of Cold Storage in Nairobi for a further 60 tons of product.  We can therefore very comfortably handle products requiring cold storage both chilled and frozen.  We have a state of the art system that controls temperatures very well.  The company has five refrigerated trucks and hence the cold chain is complete from the time of purchase to the time of delivery, ensuring that excellent quality of product reaches the customer.

The company has a stand-by generator (100KVA in Mombasa and 50KVA in Nairobi) to take care of any power cuts, and to avoid downtime on the cold storage.