Pioneering Suppliers in Premier Quality Fruit, Providing Easy Market Access and Year-round Produce to the East African Market.


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Market Leaders

Branded Fine Foods (BFF) was established in Kenya in 1995. We are market leaders in the importation of fine foods and fresh fruit from a plethora of reputable distributors and growers worldwide. BFF has been coined as an ‘inimitable powerhouse that caters to the East African market’. In doing so, our top priority is ensuring that our produce is expertly streamlined to our customers in prime condition.

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Brand Ambassadors

BFF is a sole brand ambassador for several select fruit brands specializing in providing easy market access, sale and distribution of each of it’s products into the region. In the pursuit of popularising our products, we strive for excellence by placing customers first, and emphasizing reliability, selectivity, freshness and efficiency.

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Logistical Stronghold

Our aim is to build on the reputation for quality and efficient service upon which our company was founded. All products are stored in our own state of the art network of warehousing and cold-storage facilities. Our skillfully devised logistical system allows our products to be transported across the region in our own fleet of vehicles specially designed for delicate product handling.


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We have an extensive supplier network that allows us to obtain the highest quality produce while enabling us to compete tactically on price. We source the best quality fruits from reputable growers and leading distributors globally. To name a few, we source from Egypt and South Africa among several others. Since our supply chain is solidified by a multitude of global backers, we are able to provide fruit year-round getting rid of ‘off-season’ nuisances. We strive to fortify long-term and endurable relationships with all our distributors and growers to ensure collective success and positive returns.

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Quality Control

In ensuring the highest quality, BFF has strict protocols and product specifications that have set the high standards that we are known for. Our team conducts routine quality inspections every so often on various consignments before loading. In doing so, we observe a set of quality indicators of the physical fruit like good colour, size, sugar levels as well as good pressure of the fruit enabling a satisfying crunch. In addition, we confirm the fruit harvest date, discern the orchard conditions and observe the product handling in packing rooms and along assembly lines to ensure we receive the finest fruit. Consequently, our suppliers know that our standards are high and thus ensure to send us their best. Our focus on supplier relations has also built mutually interdependent relationships allowing us to get the best pick of the fruit before our competitors. In addition, our product handling is entirely mechanized from country of origin to final destination via automated packing lines as well forklifts and pallet jacks. Thus, there is minimal human handling which avoids mishaps and keeps the fruit at its best quality.

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Cold Chain Management & Distribution

Inevitably, maintaining a high cold-chain is vital and remains our utmost priority. Large investments have been made by establishing state of the art warehousing and cold-store capacity within our all key markets. We have a devoted team that ensures all deliveries are carried out professionally in our fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Furthermore, each of our transit trucks are equipped with gensets that ensure optimum temperature of the fruit at all times. As such, all our products are transported, stored and distributed at target temperatures.

Bff Long Term Commitment

Long term Commitment to our Clients & Partners

We are advocates of long-term relationships with our growers and suppliers. We pride ourselves on supplier relations that date back from 1995 and hope to continue to bridge new associations and links. In addition, building strong relations with our clients is paramount to us as we try and fulfil their product needs to the best of our ability. We wish to build exclusive links with our clients offering them high quality fruit and building mutually beneficial affiliations.


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    Mombasa Office
    P.O. Box 99403-80100
    Tel: 0722205099

    Nairobi Office
    P.O. Box 33256-00600
    North Airport Road
    Tel: 0711448890


    Uganda Office
    P.O. Box 11071
    G2 East Africa Investment Complex
    Port Bell Road, Luzira
    Tel: +256704103015/+256716026156


    Rwanda Office
    P.O. Box 3253
    10 Avenue de la Paix
    (Next to Bangue de Kigali)
    Tel: +250788431975

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