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Market Leaders

Branded Fine Foods (BFF) was established in Kenya in 1995. We are market leaders in the importation of fine foods and fresh fruit from a plethora of reputable distributors and growers worldwide. BFF has been coined as an ‘inimitable powerhouse that caters to the East African market’. In doing so, our top priority is ensuring that our produce is expertly streamlined to our customers in prime condition.

Bff Business

Brand Ambassadors

BFF is a sole brand ambassador for several select fruit brands specializing in providing easy market access, sale and distribution of each of it’s products into the region. In the pursuit of popularising our products, we strive for excellence by placing customers first, and emphasizing reliability, selectivity, freshness and efficiency.

Bff Truck

Logistical Stronghold

Our aim is to build on the reputation for quality and efficient service upon which our company was founded. All products are stored in our own state of the art network of warehousing and cold-storage facilities. Our skillfully devised logistical system allows our products to be transported across the region in our own fleet of vehicles specially designed for delicate product handling.

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